In the next few case studies we will try to present you the working process, problems that we have faced and how we solved it.
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For the needs of our regular client, Jamax d.o.o. and their presentation on the fair in Germany, we have designed a multipage square based catalogue, for the brand Pino Toys. Pino Toys in their range has wooden toys for children which meet all aesthetic, pedagogical and safety criteria and represent the essence of basic values of the company Jamax d.o.o. The client already had an arranged visual concept we primarily designed and applied to the existing package design for Pino Toys

The main task was to incorporate an existing visual concept (visual identity of the brand Pino Toys) and its transposing to the catalogue layout, through the visual pattern which would achieve adequate communication with the target group.
Our designer, illustrator and project manager were involved on this project.

The problem we came across was that some of the photos had not been made from different angles and in the same perspective so the coloring was different than on the other photos. Since the photos were taken on different locations and there was no time to make new ones, we hired an expert for image processing, who enabled us to simulate perspectives and retouch the photos in order to have a uniformed imaging.

During the process of work we paid special attention to the classification of the items. We formed the classification based on the principle of pre-lists with large photos accompanied with icons to symbolize a referent category.

Our recommendation for print was 300 gsm paper for the covers, 115 gsm paper for the inner pages, matt coating with UV lacquer and staple binding.

The job was successfully finished in the arranged deadline, and we also realized stand branding for the client, as well as some backing promotional materials.


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