In the next few case studies we will try to present you the working process, problems that we have faced and how we solved it.
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Jomil group represents a group of business entities connected on holding principle, entrusted us with the job of redesign of the existing food line under the brand General in 2014.
The primary task was to update and redesign the existing image of General Plum Brandy, whereby the client wanted to keep the name General so it would not completely lose the connection with its former customers. Secondary tasks were the redesign of the other line of General brandies.
Two designers, illustrator and project manager were involved on this project.

The first task of the design included representation of a specific traditional motif as an element we wanted to be on the package, but in a discrete and subtle way. We wanted to intricate modern look of the package and the specific traditional motif and to present it all as contemporary and elegant, visually striking design, with a touch of luxury. The product was positioned in the upper segment of the market.

The problem we have faced was how to transpose one motif from the traditional environment and update it and reinforce it, in such a way to be related to the alcohol drink itself. Since the bottle the client wanted to use was in the shape of a plum, we decided to accompany that shape with suitable graphic interpretation of a plum as a main motiv.

For this purpose we hired an illustrator whose task was to create visual interpretation of plums which would seem as a traditional motif to be used separately, and the second plum which could be used as a discreet background, as a freehand drawing and which would represent the significance of the brand which follows modern ways of visual communication.

That concept has been greeted with heartily so we incorporated it successfully into elegant contemporary visual elements of the new appearance of the box and the label. The client decide to have boxes in three colors- black for the VIP segment of the market, burgundy as lux and navy as premium category.

The package design was additionally accentuated by golden color, by gold foil stamping with coating in gloss which gave the colors some depth. The project was successfully finished and the client hired us again to do the redesign of their complete line of products as well as the catalogues.


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