In the next few case studies we will try to present you the working process, problems that we have faced and how we solved it.
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When we received a task to create such a at that time unique application in Serbia for ordering taxi in spring 2013, we thought it was more than we could chew and that we would not be able to realise it. Yet, we took it as a challenge and accepted the job.

The main task was to design a mobile phone application for android which would have all the functions like any other known application in the world. As we were limited by our geo location to use other countries ‘applications and get to know with how they worked, we were forced to plan the whole project from scratch together with the client with information we obtained, and create work logic.

The entire work was based on double interface and communication via a web service which application performed via 3G or local wireless internet.

The first interface was for the users and the second one for the drivers. It virtually meant you had to have two separate APK to be installed separately and communicate among each other. The application was designed to enable two way communication between the users and the drivers via mobile internet and GPS, and to give the user choice of vehicle by certain specifications of the vehicle: distance, comfort, equipment, as well as for the taxi association to follow the ordered vehicle on the map, to receive the notification about an arrived vehicle, but also to see the evaluation mark after the ride had been finished.

The driver on the other side had different obligations about accepting the orders, temporary suspensions because of the missed rides, all to the possibility to turn the application off if needed, and make himself invisible to the users.
The problem we faced was a bad 3G signal coverage of certain providers, as well as a very high ping, which made problems in work and was the main cause of the numerous bugs.

On the other hand, the client wanted to include many suspensions of the drivers committing him thus to the responsibility when answering the calls by notifications on the phone, which themselves complicated the work additionally and made a problem in the communication between the user and the driver.

The whole project lasted over 6 months and it was successfully realized, and the PinTaxi application was listed in Google play store in January 2014.


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