In the next few case studies we will try to present you the working process, problems that we have faced and how we solved it.
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PVF Traders turned for help to us in 2012 since they had a problem with the existing website and B2B portal programmed in Python technology and the programmer was not able to finish it because of his difficult medical condition.

The whole system was based on a two way communication between portal and customized internal business software, the client had used for update, calculations and invoicing of the goods in his environment.

Our task was to make an identical system to the existing one, but using PHP- MYSQL technology. In one segment B2B portal has a web shop with about 6000 items.

Since the client had no paperwork about how the system worked or the components of the system itself beside fantastic and well informed management, the first step in all that was to do analysis of the existing system, get to know with all its components and then form technical specifications of the system as well as a work plan.

A special problem we faced was how to accomplish individual components to perform; the components which were related to a special segment of partnership portal which were related to division on partners’ accounts, rebate calculations, special additions which could be activated by partner and leveling of the prices; and which had to be programmed in java script, and perform in real time.

The whole job on the project lasted almost 6 months, and a project manager, web designer and 2 web developers were employed on this project. At some point we had to hire a senior web developer from a partner firm for consultancy and interventions on the job.

The project was successfully finished and launched, thanks to mutual efforts and invested time, and with company PVF Traders we continued successful cooperation on the portal maintenance.


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